Stock Quotes from Yahoo finance for Indian NSE, BSE

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Following is my query using YQL, data is fetched using Yahoo finance, I am using the symbols for the stocks traded on the Indian NSE, BSE  * from where 
symbol in ("AIAENG.NS","ATULAUTO.NS")&env=

Strange thing is this query always return null data (Invalid data) for all the fields, even when the symbol that I am using is correct and can be used on the Yahoo finance for querying the details. In fact same is for another Indian exchange BSE, with respective symbols AIAENG.BO, ATULAUTO.BO

However if I replace the with US Nasdaq symbols like "YHOO","AAPL","GOOG","MSFT", it works without an issue.


If yahoo finance is not your compulsion, then you can use this project.

This is well documented and uses NSE as a data source which is most reliable.


If someone's still looking out, and not satisfied with nsetools (because lack of historical data), here is the latest link I found to be working:

Replace CDSL with appropriate symbol.


Late in the game but adding my response just in case if anybody looking for an easiest way to get the near real time quote(up to 10 tickers) by using Google Finance REST call.,NSE:ATULAUTO

And the acronym description can be found here