Yahoo Authorization OAUTH:oauth_problem=“timestamp_refused”

那年仲夏 提交于 2020-01-03 16:55:09


I have been following Yahoo OAUTH guide closely and successfully established a connection and was able to retrieve the access token along with other objects which i get in response URI.But, now when i try to fetch the Contacts of the authenticated user i always get this Error no matter what NTP server i choose for my computers clock:

Authentication error: Unable to respond to any of these challenges: {oauth=WWW-Authenticate: OAuth oauth_problem="timestamp_refused", realm=""}

Searching around i could know that i am not the only one experiencing this,but the 'solutions' included -

  • Adding some time to the milliseconds which i pass as timestamp.(This is what i follow,i successfully gets me an access token but not when getting contacts)
  • Synchronising the computer's clock to some good server.

Nevertheless, i tried these but getting the same error.

Here's a view of what i send:

var url = '';
                url += '?oauth_nonce=' + 'somerandomstring';
                url += '&oauth_timestamp=' + timestamp;
                url += '&oauth_consumer_key=' + ConsumerKey;
                url += '&oauth_signature_method=' + 'plaintext';
                url += '&oauth_signature=' + ConsumerSecret + '%26' + oauth_token_secret;
                url += '&oauth_version=1.0';
                url += '&oauth_token=' + oauth_token;
                url += '&oauth_verifier=' + oauth_verifier;

Any valid help would be appreciated.