CUDA: Using realloc inside kernel

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I know that it is possible to use malloc inside the kernel to allocate memory on GPU's global memory. Is it also possible to use realloc?


In the Cuda Programming Guide, when they introduce malloc and free functions, there is no mention of realloc. I would assume that it does not exist.

If you want to know it for sure, why don't you write a simple kernel and try using it?


You could write you own realloc device function for your data type.

Just allocate the new space for a new array, copy the old values to the new, free the old array space, return the new with more space.

Approximately like the following code fragment:

__device__ MY_TYPE* myrealloc(int oldsize, int newsize, MY_TYPE* old)
    MY_TYPE* newT = (MY_TYPE*) malloc (newsize*sizeof(MY_TYPE));

    int i;

    for(i=0; i<oldsize; i++)
        newT[i] = old[i];

    return newT;

But be sure to call it, if you really need it. Also add proper error checking.