SenTestingKit (integrated with XCode) versus GHUnit on XCode 4 for Unit Testing?

我怕爱的太早我们不能终老 提交于 2019-12-05 00:19:12


Any advice on which way to go regarding Unit Testing on XCode 4 out of SenTestingKit (the inbuild unit testing framework with XCode 4) and GHUnit? In particular:

  • With the apparent improvements to Unit Testing in XCode 4 does this mean there are no major benefits of running with GHUnit?

  • Alternatively are there some integration benefits that make a smooth development process that could be achieved using XCode's unit testing framework (SenTestingKit) as opposed to GHUnit?


Greg, I answered your question on my blog, about 2 weeks late :). The conclusion I came to is the GHUnit isn't obsolete, but you should use SenTestingKit for new projects on Xcode 4.


actually got some good feedback after also polling the apple forum community here


I don't have in depth knowledge of both the Testings, One thing I read about is you can subclass GHUnit to use SenTest or GTMTestCase. Read This. I guess you can write both the test cases using GHUnit and having UI makes it real simple and fun to use.