Is it possible to use `Log In with PayPal` to make REST api requests on behalf of the user?

无人久伴 提交于 2019-12-05 00:18:01


We've successfully integrated Log In with PayPal (formerly PayPal Access) however we would like to make REST API requests on behalf of the authenticated user (with their permission).

The scopes available for the Log In with Paypal OAuth service make no mention of Rest API. Basically what we would like to do is import transactions and payment information from our authenticated users paypal account, into our system.

The documentation for the Rest API seems to imply that if we wanted to this, we would have to require our users to create an application themselves and provide us with the consumer key and consumer token.

I'm hoping someone on SO has done something similar and can point me in a more realistic direction. The Classic API seems like it could be a possiblilty, but we can't find any documentation regarding support for OAuth.


Unfortunately this is not available "yet". It's something in the works but unfortunately no date on the release yet.