Is there a cross-browser jQuery contentEditable library? [closed]

大城市里の小女人 提交于 2019-12-04 19:33:10


I'm looking for a jQuery plugin / library that makes the contentEditable attribute work properly in all major browsers (I could even go without IE6). I don't need a full WYSIWYG editor solution because I want to build my own – however I'm focusing on user experience so I'd prefer a "plug and play" solution.

I only need to access the editor features through code (API-like), I'm building the user interface myself.


Aloha is a feature-complete and polished editor component using contentEditable. It uses jQuery UI.


I ended up using WYSIHAT (,

It's Prototype-based (yeah, I know, not jQuery), but it's exactly the kind of "library" I needed. I can build my own toolbars and even own commands with ease.

jQuery can be integrated in .noConflict-mode.


Tinymce allows you to build the interface yourself and is jquery compatible.

If you desire to build everything yourself(like from scratch), there will probably be a lot of cross browser debugging needed. Some browsers like IE support exexCommand others don't and you now the typical javascript bugs that come with developing a library.

I would just delete what you don't need of off tinymce, if you want efficiency and speedy.