Cannot Connect to Windows Azure VM (Server 2012 R2) Web Deploy Service

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I can't seem to be able to deploy a site to a windows server 2012 r2 running IIS and Web Deploy in Azure VM. I have verified that the port is open, the credentials are correct and the site name as well. I tried using http: and https: also tried using msdeploy.axd end point and the MSDEPLOYAGENTSERVICE one nothing. Check is the services are running and if I can connect to the machine which at can on port 80 to the default site. Tried connecting from multiple connections I get the same result...

Could not connect to the remote computer ("<computer name>"). On the remote computer make sure that Web Deploy is installed and that the required process ("Web Deployment Agent Service") is started. Learn more at: Unable to connect to the remote server.


You don't mention if you have an endpoint configured for your Azure VM. If not, make sure you create an endpoint with a private port of 8172.
EDIT: Here is a troubleshooting guide for web deploy that includes the error message you've encountered. Additionally, from my own experience I have managed to mistype the site name and not install .NET and seeing similar errors.


After dealing with this for about an hour now, I figured out how to fix this on my Azure Virtual Machine.

First the obvious

  • Check that port 8172 (if you're using default settings) is open in your firewall
  • Check that the processes MsDepSvc and WMSVC are running.
  • Check that the site name is correct.

Management Service

In ISS, at the root level of the server, check your settings under Management Service. It should have Enable Remote Connections checked: Management Services

Did you download the full package

This was the one that got me, I hadn't installed everything. On the bottom of the WebDeploy page:

You can download the full package, and then just install everything.


Helpful but in the end in our case it was TLS mismatch. Check both machines can do TLS 1.2 if you are forcing it. Have put more detail here Cheers