Siddhi Error connecting to JMS provider

风格不统一 提交于 2020-06-29 04:48:09
问题 I tried to send events from WSO2 SP to activeMQ via siddhi-io-jms extension, but i have following error. Error connecting to JMS provider. NamingException while obtaining initial context. I have followed this doc for support jms transporting, put all necessary jar files to lib, also I set correctly @sink in siddhi app, factory.initial and provider.url are correct. Any idea, why SP can't connect to jms? 回答1: According to OSGi

No Extension Exists for pmml:predict WSO2 Stream Processor

一世执手 提交于 2019-12-24 09:08:36
问题 I am following the WSO2 Stream Processor Studio tutorials to practice Siddhi. So far I've managed to troubleshoot all the bugs incorporated in the tutorials; however, I'm stuck on the 12th tutorial, "Making Real-Time Predictions." The Siddhi application is @App:name("SugarSyrupPredictionApp") @app:description("Making real-time predictions tutorial 12") @source(type='http', receiver.url='http://localhost:5006/SugarSyrupEP', @map(type = 'json')) define stream SugarSyrupDataStream (temperature

WSO2: Stream Processor

自闭症网瘾萝莉.ら 提交于 2019-12-11 19:31:48
问题 How can i configure @sink to call a soap based web api? where can i specify the soap action? reference i found online aren't working properly? @sink(type='http',publisher.url='http://localhost:8009/foo', method='{POST}',headers="'content-type:xml','content-length:94'", client.bootstrap.configuration="'client.bootstrap.socket.timeout:20', ''", client.pool.configuration="'client.connection.pool.count:10',''", @map(type