count how many characters fit in a DIV

﹥>﹥吖頭↗ 提交于 2021-01-28 13:51:43
问题 I have a DIV on my page (which is a responsive design), which contains just text of a set pt size. The text fits fine and the page looks grand. However, when the browser is reduced in size, the DIV shrinks, and some of my text busts out of the DIV. Is there some kind of JavaScript (jQuery) formula for working out how many characters can fit in a DIV? The idea I have is every time the browser changes size, the text is truncated, and ellipses are added at the end. I just don't know where to

truncate in twig on html content

自古美人都是妖i 提交于 2021-01-28 08:13:37
问题 I would like to truncate a long string, who content html tag. From my controller php. content="<div> <h1>my title</h1> <p>para 1 ...</p> </div>"; I would like to truncate this, so i did this in twig : {{ content|raw|truncate(15) }} But the html are broken, see bellow : <div> <h1>my ti... I want to keep the end of tag, like this : <div> <h1>my titl...</h1> </div> Anyone have an idea ? 回答1: You can use the Twig Truncation Extension. As you can read in the doc: {% set html %} <h1>Test heading!<

Cassandra truncate performance

主宰稳场 提交于 2021-01-27 20:28:59
问题 I have been recently told that, cassandra truncate is not performant and it is anti pattern. But, I do not know why? So, I have 2 questions: Is it more performant to have upsert of all records then doing truncate? Does truncate operation creates tombstones? Cassandra Version: 3.x 回答1: From the cassandra docs: Note: TRUNCATE sends a JMX command to all nodes, telling them to delete SSTables that hold the data from the specified table. If any of these nodes is down or doesn't respond, the

limit text using str_limit function in Laravel 5.5

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问题 I have been trying to limit my blog content text with str_limit that works fine until I apply limit of characters on it. kindly see what is missing in the code of my blade file: {!! str_limit($blog->content) !!} works fine with the default limit, showing limited text on the view. But when I apply any custom limit i.e. {!! str_limit($blog->content, 20) !!} it do not show any text on the view. 回答1: The str_limit function has been deprecated, but you can use Str::limit($text) Laravel doc. In the

Truncate Text - React Native

試著忘記壹切 提交于 2020-08-05 09:57:53
问题 I have a React Native app with a FlatList. My logic that I have added was whenever the Character at 100th position is not empty an Expand/Collapse arrow should be added as shown below. NO arrow icon for short messages. Well, this is bad logic!! Now when I change my app font to Large/small this logic won't work. It doesn't work for Chinese characters too LOL. So it shouldn't be based on number of characters. { alert.charAt(100) !== "" ? arrowClicked === true ? <Icon type='materialicons' name=

Cut an UTF8 text in PHP

匆匆过客 提交于 2020-07-06 12:29:08
问题 I get UTF8 text from a database, and I want to show only the first $len characters (finishing in a word). I've tried several options but the function still doesn't work because of special characters (á, é, í, ó, etc). Thanks for the help! function text_limit($text, $len, $end='...') { mb_internal_encoding('UTF-8'); if( (mb_strlen($text, 'UTF-8') > $len) ) { $text = mb_substr($text, 0, $len, 'UTF-8'); $text = mb_substr($text, 0, mb_strrpos($text," ", 'UTF-8'), 'UTF-8'); ... } } Edit to add an