lat/lon conversion to x/y-coordinates

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问题 I have a openstreetmap image. left upper corner is lat: 80 lon: -169 and right lower corner is lat:-56 lon: 190 The image has the width: 2618 and the height: 1513 How do I convert given lat/lon-coordinates to the pictures x/y-coordinates? I tried it by myself, but couldn't figure out how to convert the coordinates. I hope someone can answer my question. 回答1: The question, as asked, is almost nonsensical. The area requested covers almost the entire globe, from 80N 169W to 56S 190E. That leaves

How Can I Use (Ruby) RGeo to Transform (Unproject) Coordinates

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问题 I started with How can I transform the coordinates of a Shapefile? . The response there started me on [what I think is] the right track, but I still haven't been able to solve my problem. One issue is that I haven't found the correct projection yet: EDIT: That question on the gis site has been answered, and I was able to reproduce a correct transformation using the PROJ command line tool cs2cs. It

How to transform coordinate from WGS84 to a coordinate in a projection with PROJ.4?

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问题 I have a GPS-coordinate in WGS84 that I would like to transform to a map-projection coordinate in SWEREF99 TM using PROJ.4 in Java or Proj4js in JavaScript. Its hard to find documentation for PROJ.4 and how to use it. If you have a good link, please post it as a comment. The PROJ.4 parameters for SWEREF99 TM is +proj=utm +zone=33 +ellps=GRS80 +towgs84=0,0,0,0,0,0,0 +units=m +no_defs I have tried to use a PROJ.4 Java library for transforming Lat: 55° 00’ N, Long: 12° 45’ E and tried with this

PHP Map projections

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I have Googled myself to death.. I am attempting to write 2 php functions that will return X and Y from Lat and Long, in both Mercator and flat non-projected (grid) maps. Problem being every calculation I have ran across assumes your map(s) has the same lat and lon at the corners, and then the

How to properly plot projected gridded data in ggplot2?

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问题 I've been using using ggplot2 to plot climatic gridded data for years. These are usually projected NetCDF files. Cells are square in model coordinates, but depending on which projection the model uses, might not be so in the real world. My usual approach is to remap the data first on a suitable regular grid, and then plot. This introduces a small modification to the data, usually this is acceptable. However, I've decided this is not good enough anymore: I want to plot the projected data