how to disable “PRINT SCREEN” button while running my Application in WPF?

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问题 How can I disable Print Screen functionality while my WPF application is running? The use-case is that my client wants to avoid unnecessary replication of valuable patient-centric data from the outside world and they provide the physical security to keep people from taking data through non-digital means. 回答1: It's not possible to disable printing , and even if it were possible, it would be easily circumvented by a cell phone camera. Many are in the megapixel resolution range, making it quite

Detect when user takes a screen shot in windows with print screen?

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问题 So, I need to, in my application, detect when the user takes a screenshot in Windows by using the print screen keyboard button. I noticed that Picasa does this and notifies the user, this would be very useful in my chat software. It needs to be able to detect it even when the window doesnt have focus. Anyone know how I would do this? Thanks in advance! 回答1: The KeyEvent class has a key code called VK_PRINTSCREEN that represents the PrintScreen key... To listen for it being pressed you would

java print screen two monitors

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问题 I'm trying to use print screen image area to get 2 monitors, but only works for one monitor. Can you advise me how to get figure 2 monitors? Robot robot = new Robot(); Rectangle screenRect = new Rectangle(Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit().getScreenSize()); BufferedImage capture = new Robot().createScreenCapture(screenRect); ImageIO.write(capture, "bmp", new File("printscreen.bmp")); 回答1: Union together the bounds of each screen: Rectangle screenRect = new Rectangle(0, 0, 0, 0); for (GraphicsDevice

Disabling Print Screen Command

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问题 My requirement is to disable the print screen command when the user taps the print screen button on the keyboard. I can do this in Internet Explorer, but how can I do this in Chrome and other browsers? 回答1: Whatever you're trying to do, I'd wager it won't work. You can add in all sorts of client-side controls to prevent users from copying content, but the fact remains that in order to view your content in the first place, users have to download it off of your servers and onto their machine,

PrintScreen image capturing

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问题 I need to write a program that I will create a runnable jar and distribute. The functions should be like below: when double click the jar, it will open a window. it will ask the path where to save the image files. it will then ask whether to add any prefix / suffix / both on every image along with timestamp for unique name. it will also ask what image format to use. the app can be minimized and closed it will take a full screenshot whenever PrintScreen is pressed and save. Please provide a

python auto save printscreen

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问题 Iv'e recently started learning python programming and ran into some problems with my first program. It's a program that auto-saves print screens. If i have a print screen saved in clipboard and start the program it outputs a .png file. if i start the program with nothing in clipboard and then press print screen it outputs a .png file. But if i press print screen after the program has already printed a .png file it does absolutely nothing. Can't even use ctrl+c to copy text. This is the code

PrintScreen Source Code/Simulation

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问题 I would like to take a picture of a fullscreen direct3D game. I know I need to create an "overlay" which is harder in c# and I found out that using printscreen (and than pasting it in mspaint) does capture the game window. I ended up with this unstable code : try { SendKeys.SendWait("{PRTSC}"); Thread.Sleep(100); if (Clipboard.ContainsImage()) return Clipboard.GetImage(); } catch (Exception) { throw; } Bitmap bitmap = new Bitmap(1, 1); return bitmap; This code sometimes work, sometimes it

Java print screen program

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问题 I am trying to use Robot in Java to make an image file of a print screen. So far I have: Robot robot = new Robot(); Rectangle screenRect = new Rectangle(Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit().getScreenSize()); BufferedImage capture = new Robot().createScreenCapture(screenRect); ImageIO.write(capture, "bmp", new File("printscreen.bmp")); But I can't seem to get it to create the file. 回答1: s/printscreen.bmp/"printscreen.bmp" 回答2: Not sure if .bmp files are support. Oops, they are: System.out.println(

Simulate the print screen key in python

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问题 i search lot in Google but i did not got anything . can we simulate the print screen key in python ? if yes then how to simulate the print screen key in python? 回答1: To take a screen shot the comments you've been given will work: Get screenshot on Windows with Python? python auto save printscreen To simulate the print screen key you may use keystroke automation libraries, two of which I can attest work for this: 1: pywinauto which uses SendKeys to simulate keystrokes (or see reference here).

Is possible PrintScreen or save in an image some part of the screen?

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问题 Is it possible? I need save the sreen and send from iPad to a WebService... Concretly the problem is that i want simulate a sign in the screen and later save this sign in a NSData and send by email. Some idea? thanks for all! Best regards! 回答1: UIView *view = ...; // Get root view of current view controller UIGraphicsBeginImageContext(view.bounds.size); [view.layer renderInContext:UIGraphicsGetCurrentContext()]; UIImage *viewImage = UIGraphicsGetImageFromCurrentImageContext();