jQuery hover to slide?

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问题 Check the bottom for revised edition Alright, here's the issue. I have a li with a div inside, and I'm trying to hover the li to get the div to slide up into view. Here's the HTML: <li id="one"> <div> <h4>title</h4> <p>description</p> </div> </li> Right now I have this in my CSS: #one div { display: none; } And this for my JS: $(document).ready(function() { $('#one').hover(function() { $('#one > div').css({ display : 'block' }); }); }); I know I could just used CSS psuedo :hover to make it

jQuery : slideDown() , slideUp() and stop()

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问题 I have a menu strip . I planned to : slideDown() a submenu ( originally display: none DIV ) when I mouse over the menu strip hide the submenu by slideUp when mouse out . Here is the codes: <div id="main_menu" onmouseover="$('#submenu').stop(true,false).slideDown();" onmouseout="$('#submenu').stop(true,false).slideUp();">Main Menu</div> <div id="submenu" style="display: none">Some submenu contents here</div> What I try to achieve is, when I mouseover submenu,the submenu holds and stop the

sliding multiple elements on click

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问题 i have a vertical menu bar which contains sub menu. There are 9-10 menus and each menu contains 3 sub menus. what i need if menu 1 is open and someone click on menu 3 menu 1 should close & menu 3 will open $('#nav li a').click(function(){ var sds = document.getElementById("dum"); if(sds == null){ ; } var sdss = document.getElementById("dumdiv"); if(sdss == null){ } if(sdss != null){ var s = $(this).attr('id'); var imgid=$("#"+s+" img").attr('id'); var imgsrc=$("#"+imgid+"").attr('src'); if

jQuery UI show using slide animation jumps to full height before animation starts

北城余情 提交于 2019-12-08 11:28:12
问题 I am trying to create a simple message that slides in and "elegantly" slides the content below it down while it slides in. The problem that I'm having is that the content below the message isn't sliding elegantly, it's "jumping" to the full height of the message before the animation has even started. The same is true for when the message gets hidden - the message slides up, but the height stays the same until the animation has completed and then the content pops back into place. Super