How to control XAResource in inbound jca resource adapter for conversational transaction?

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问题 Im writing an inbound resource adapter with JCA for a legacy EIS. The EIS does not support XA transactions. The messages however form a conversation that exist of multiple messages. Each message leads to an action that will be executed by the message endpoint. At the end of the conversation, a commit/rollback message will be received. At that moment all actions should be either committed or rolled back. Is there any way that I can manage the lifecycle myself from within the RA? 回答1:

Which is the best approach to connect IBM Mainframe application using Java Connector Architecture (JCA)?

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问题 Which is the best approach to connect IBM Mainframe application using Java Connector Architecture (JCA)? 回答1: You have many options... I've tried them all. Their CTG product can be a bottleneck and the licensing is ridiculously expensive. I recommend staying away from the Cics Transaction gateway. You can homebrew a solution using just plain data sockets. We're currently doing this. We developed a standard Java annotation library and a standard COBOL copybook. Consider mainframe webservices.

Deployment of Resource Adapter on Wildfly WFLYJCA0046 / IJ020066

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问题 Based on the Trading Connector example from the JEE 7 Tutorials, I've tried to create my own Resource adapter. It worked fine with glassfish. I'm trying to deploy my .EAR to a wildfly 10. It doesn't work, and is throwing the message below. I am kinda lost on where to start looking, as the only mention of the error code is in the source code of wildfly itself and I'd rather not read all the Wildfly code now (but I'm at it). The Resource Adapter is part of a .ear file, in that ear file I have

Define cipher suite for TLS in JCA

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问题 I want the support of the following cipher suites in TLS using JCA: TLS_PSK_WITH_3DES_EDE_CBC_SHA TLS_PSK_WITH_AES_128_CBC_SHA TLS_PSK_WITH_NULL_SHA TLS_PSK_WITH_AES_128_CBC_SHA256 TLS_PSK_WITH_NULL_SHA256 They are available in JDK7 but not JDK6, neither BouncyCastle. If I want the support in JDK6, could I extends JCA to implement the support of these PSK extensions, using SPI, providers and callback methods of JSSE. I can already redefine or add new cipher implementations on runtime, but I'm


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jboss-as 目录结构(Directory Structure) Directory Description bin Contains startup, shutdown and other system-specific scripts. Basically all the entry point JARs and start scripts included with the JBoss distribution are located in the bin directory. 包含了服务器启动,关闭和系统相关的脚本。基本上所有jar文件的进入点和启动脚本都在这个目录里面。 client Stores configuration files and JAR files that may be used by a Java client application (running outside JBoss) or an external web container. You can select archives as required or use jbossall-client.jar . 保存Java客户端应用或外部web容器(在JBoss之外运行),所需的配置文件和Jar文件。 docs Contains the XML DTDs used in JBoss for

IBM Websphere : J2CA0145W: Unable to start ResourceAdapter

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问题 I am trying to deploy an application on WebSphere 7.0 and the Resource adapter is not getting started. What could be the reason for this. Is the resource adapter not accessible by the application being deployed? or is there a WAS configuration that needs to be set right? The file log4j.properties do exist and have proper permissions. The error message is O log4j: Trying to find [/web/properties/Cluster/log4j.properties] using ClassLoader.getSystemResource(). [9/8/14 10:16:04:703 BST] 00000027

Spring's DefaultMessageListenerContainer to use connection factory directly from broker or JCA managed?

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问题 I have a Spring Integration application, where I have a JMS inbound channel adapter that will receive messages from a queue in a remote JMS broker. I'm looking up the connection factory directly from the broker's remote JNDI service and this is what I use to set up my inbound channel adapter. I understand that behind the scenes there is a DefaultMessageListenerContainer . According to AbstractMessageListenerContainer javadocs, found here, if "sessionTransacted" is set to "true" for the DMLC,

ObjectInputStream with CipherInputStream freezing, hanging

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问题 I'm programming client-server based Java application and I've got a problem, because it hangs when constructing ObjectInputStream both in client and server. Client: Socket socket = new Socket("localhost", 9999); outCiph = new CipherOutputStream(socket.getOutputStream(), AES.getEncryptCipher("key")); out = new ObjectOutputStream(outCiph); inCiph = new CipherInputStream(socket.getInputStream(), AES.getDecryptCipher("key")); in = new ObjectInputStream(inCiph); try { String text = "test!"; out

Get reference to the EJB3 local business interface inside the JCA adapter

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问题 I'd like to know whether it is possible to get a reference to the ejb3 local business interfaces inside the jca adapter? Resource adapter and ejb .jar are packed into the same .ear . Application is running under WebSphere AS 6.1 with ejb3 featurepack. I have tried to use ejblocal:<full_class_name_of_local_interface> as JNDI name, but without success. 回答1: What you are trying to do is probably conceptually wrong . JCA adapter should not depend on EJB -- a JCA adapter should not lookup an EJB.

How to marry NioServerSocketChannelFactory and WorkManager

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问题 I am looking to implement a JCA Resource adapter to accept socket connections from within J2EE container. I need to somehow be able to use WorkManager to manage threads in netty's NioServerSocketChannelFactory Any Help is greatly appreciated. 回答1: Got it! NioServerSocketChannelFactory takes two Executor(s), boss and worker, as parameters to the constructor. so all I need to do is develop a facade to WorkManager to implement execute(Runnable) method that will use workManager.schedule(...) call