javah missing after JDK install

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问题 I can find java , javac and javadoc but there is no javah.exe in my jdk\\bin folder. I tried to reinstall the JDK but it is still missing. How can I get it, why is it missing? I found a similar question where the operating system was Linux but I can not find answers for Windows users. My OS is Windows 10 . The Java version is 10.0.1 . 回答1: The tool javah.exe was removed in Java 10. The reason is simple, it is obsolete. From JEP 313: Remove the Native-header Generation Tool (javah): Motivation

javah Android Studio Error: cannot access class file for not found

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问题 I am following this tutorial on how to use NDK with Android Studio: I have android studio 0.9.3 installled on windows 8, and i follow each step of the tutorial in the video, and at the step to generate jni folder i do this in the android studio's terminal : D:\ANDROID\workspace\NDKSample\app\src\main>javah -d jni -classpath D:\ANDROID\kits\sdk\platforms\android-19\android.jar;D:\ANDROID\workspace\NDKSample\app\build\intermediates

android - javah doesn't find my class

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问题 I am having troubles generating the C header file for JNI using javah . Here's the script I use while standing in the <project-dir>\bin directory: javah -classpath C:\PROGRA~2\Android\android-sdk\platforms\android-8\android.jar com.test.JniTest As return I get: ERROR: Could not find class file for 'com.test.JniTest'. Even though the class JniTest certainly is in \com\test . What am I doing wrong? 回答1: You specify the classpath to contain only android.jar . You also need to include the

javah NullPointerException while using ANT in Eclipse Indigo

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问题 I'm using an ANT buildscript like so: <project basedir=".."> <property name="src" location="src"/> <property name="classes" location="classes" /> <property name="jnifiles" location="jnifiles" /> <target name="init"> <mkdir dir="${classes}" /> <mkdir dir="${jnifiles}" /> </target> <target name="compile" description="compile the source " > <javac srcdir="${src}" destdir="${classes}" includeantruntime="false" /> </target> <target name="generate-jni"> <javah destdir="${jnifiles}" > <class name=

“Can't load javah” error in Eclipse

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问题 I am trying to use the javah task in an ant build file in Eclipse and I keep getting the following error: BUILD FAILED C:\sandbox\build-jni.xml:7: Can't load javah Here is my build-jni.xml file: <project> <property name="bin" location="bin" /> <target name="generate-jni"> <javah destdir="${bin}" classpath="${bin}"> <class name="org.example.ExecJNI" /> </javah> </target> Any thoughts as to why I'm getting that error? My project is pointing to the JDK and not the JRE 回答1: Turned out I didn't

How to Create C header file using Javah tool

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问题 Hi guys i am using android ndk and for that i am trying to create a c header file using javah tool how to use and where to use this tool i am unable to understand so please any one can tell me the procedure how to do that i am waiting for the reply please......... 回答1: Javah should be in the bin folder of your JDK Something like this: C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_19\bin For simplicities sake take the path name folder from the bin directory in your Android project and place it in the above

Using javah on linux

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问题 I have a simple class for use on JNI, which i need to export to a header file (.h). I've read that I need to use the javah command, by going to the src folder of the project, and type: javah -jni com.main_package.NativeClass On windows it works fine, but on my main OS (Linux) it doesn't. It keeps telling that it can't find the class. I've tried to use many combinations of the command and to run it on many possible paths, but it didn't work. I've followed many tutorials and websites (including

Javah still won't find class files in OSX / Android Studio

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问题 Having referred to --> Javah error while using it in JNI ...and --> android - javah doesn't find my class ...I still can't get javah to work. Specifically... My java class is located here: /Users/HKS/Code/MusicPlayer-Android/dspLibrary/src/main/java/com/company/audio/` From this folder... /Users/HKS/Code/MusicPlayer-Android/dspLibrary/src/main/java/` ...I've tried running... javah javah -classpath . javah -classpath /Applications

Javah Error not found

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问题 I'm trying to create a .h header file for a simple NDK project. Using cygwin I browse to myprojectDIR\jni directory, then execute this command: javah -o com_myproject_MyActivity.h -classpath myprojectDIR\bin\classes com.myproject.MyActivity then this error message appears: Error: cannot access class file for not found I have a native method inside MyActivity class, so I tried to create a new class called NativeAccess (does not extend any class from

Generating header file with JNI using 'javah'

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问题 I'm trying to use JNI for an Android application using the OpenCV4Android library. I can generate a header file without using the opencv library, but I get an error whenever the class imports anything. I assume it needs to link to the library, but I'm not sure how to do that? I'm using cygwin on a Windows 8.1 64 bit machine. original output: $ javah -jni -classpath ./bin/classes -d jni/ com.example.icam.nativeRDE Error: Class org.opencv.core.Mat could not be found. After following advice from