How do I access pagination in UsersResponse from the Relationships endpoint in InstaSharp?

我是研究僧i 提交于 2020-01-23 13:29:28
问题 I have an InstaSharp.Endpoints.Relationships.Authenticated object EP_RELATIONSHIPS , and I can call EP_RELATIONSHIPS.Follows() to get a list of users I'm following. I follow a few hundred people, but I only get a result of 50. When I check the JSON data on the Instagram API page using the API Console, I can see that there's a pagination URL. Other return objects such as InstaSharp.Model.Responses.MediasResponse have an object called .Pagination that seem to provide this functionality. Is this

C# - Instasharp - How to use Pagination

故事扮演 提交于 2019-12-11 06:59:43
问题 I am creating a small program to get a instagram users following list using C# and instasharp. The code below will get me the first 50. I believe I have to use the pagination option to get the next url to get to the next page. Thats where Im stuck. How do I use pagination to loop through all of a users following? var config = new InstaSharp.InstagramConfig("api", "oauth", "xxxxxx", "xxxxxxx", "xxxxxx"); var config1 = new InstaSharp.Endpoints.Relationships.Unauthenticated(config); var result =