How to sync your forked repo with original Repo in Github Desktop

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问题 Please Read this before marking as Duplicate I know there is a solution for CMD at but i asked for GitHub Desktop, If you can't answer then dont mark as Duplicate I am new to development, I hear about Git and GitHub learn very basics then I downloaded GitHub Desktop After a while I found a great Open Source project I forked it and cloned the forked Repo in my Github Desktop. I improved some features in and

Github Desktop: Not able to publish

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问题 I have a project which I want to upload to GitHub. I have used Github Desktop to create a local repository and I am able to commit files to it. But once I try to publish it, the publish icon just fades and won't allow me to do it. I have checked my settings in Settings->Options and they are correct. 回答1: Since the local repo has no remote url, you need to add one, referencing a remote empty repo that you own (on GitHub for instance): cd /path/to/repo git remote add origin

Add multiple project in one repository Github

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问题 I'm trying to add multiple project in one repository from Github desktop from Macbook but not able to do it. While trying to commit it show me this error Failed to add file subfoldername/ to index. I have tried to figure out and read some answers but not work from terminal as well. Other one i have tried from here. I have added all my folder in one folder main repository then trying to add. Is there any other way to do it from Github desktop ? Or am i missing something. Somebody have idea

Github Desktop Authentication Failed

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问题 Using: Windows 10, Github Desktop, Git, VisualStudio VSTS Background: Managed to add the repository I had in my machine, but I can't do anything with it. I have access to the remote repository, I used gittortoise before, and I could commit just fine. Procedure: Trying to use Github desktop to fetch, pull, or commit changes to remote. Error: Authentication Failed (We were unable to authenticate with repository. Please enter your username and password to try again.)

fatal: unable to access, schannel: failed to open CA file, No such process, GitHub Desktop

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问题 Full error text: fatal: unable to access '': schannel: failed to open CA file 'C:/Users/Username/AppData/Local/GitHubDesktop/app-1.2.1/resources/app/git/mingw64/ssl/certs/ca-bundle.crt': No such process Application just stopped to work and throwing this error every time when I try to fetch, pull, push or clone any repository. The same commands in bash work correctly 回答1: Go to %ProgramData%/Git open config file with a text editor and substitute sslCAInfo = ..

Why does GitHub desktop present history as if it was from only one of our team?

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问题 I'm using Git in a team of three to build an iOS app. For this project we are all Mac and Xcode based and have a variety of different ways of using Git: within Xcode, using Github Desktop, and from the Bash terminal. I am confused about the history I am seeing in GitHub desktop - it is linear and appears to be all from one developer. I can use the terminal command git log --since='2016-05-06' --pretty=format:"%h %an %cd" --graph to see the last few days' commits: I can clearly see that the

Ignore everything except one directory in .gitignore

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问题 I have the following directory structure: /app /src /MyProject /FirstProject /Controller /file-1-1.php /file-1-2.php /file-1-3.php /Resources /view-1.html.twig /view-2.html.twig /SecondProject /Controller /file-2-1.php /file-2-2.php /file-2-3.php /Resources /view-3.html.twig /view-4.html.twig /vendor /web I would like to ignore all files in my repository except files in /src/MyProject/SecondProject/Resources . I have tried many ways but without success. GitHub application does not detect a

Github desktop sync spins indefinitely

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问题 The syncing starts and says "Syncing" with the spinning loading wheel. It just goes on forever but never updates. This is happening across all my repos, on every branch. It started after the update before last. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the application. This only occurs on one workstation, my other workstation has the same version and syncs fine. Any ideas for fixing this issue? 回答1: I am having this issue in a single repository (the others work) and git sync did not fix the

GitHub Desktop: “This file is empty”

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问题 The file naaclhlt2016.tex is not empty on the client or in the repository, however GitHub Desktop displays "This file is empty". What could explain this? The file naaclhlt2016.tex is present on GitHub repository: git status : It creates conflict when I try to sync: 回答1: After discussion, if the change of the tex file is only in term of metadata (and not actual file content change, after a latex recompilation), the GitHub Desktop might be unable to display any change. Since it detects no

I “reverted a commit” and lost days of progress. How do I get my progress back?

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问题 In Github Desktop I tried to commit and sync progress (like the fool I am, the last time I sent a commit was 4 days ago). I got an error message saying something like the push didn't succeed because one of the files exceeded 100MB (I am looking into adding this file to .gitignore). I checked my github account online to see if any of the files got pushed and none did. I checked on Github Desktop and couldn't see any of the files. I thought to myself this isn't good because if it's not