`git-p4 clone` fails “new tip … does not contain …”

时光怂恿深爱的人放手 提交于 2020-01-02 02:00:09
问题 I'm runnining on Windows, with the windows p4 client, and git installed via Cygwin. The p4 client advertises how its syntax is regular across platforms and all that, so that should be hunky-dory. So when I go to git-p4 clone --verbose //depot/path/to/source , it lists out all the files in the repository as though they were being checked out, then dies saying Exception: fast-import failed: warning: Not updating refs/remotes/p4/master (new tip cd601b92da8625c90af05685e450e55b6d19c9e9 does not

git-p4: fatal: git was built without support for git-p4 (NO_PYTHON=1)

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问题 I am trying to use git p4 on my Linux computer. But there seems to be a problem with git-p4 for some reason. When I run the git p4 command I get: fatal: git was built without support for git-p4 (NO_PYTHON=1) Any idea why this message is being displayed? Is there anyway I can fix it? I am using an Ubuntu distribution with Kernel version 3.11.0. Thank you in advance. 回答1: You could download the file and move it to the right directory: wget

git p4 depot-path error

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问题 I have a problem setting up git with perforce using git-p4. After finishing all the steps from this excellent blog post:, I try to add a new file/modify an existing file in the local git repository. When trying to rebase I get: $git-p4 rebase Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/user/bin/git-p4", line 2362, in <module> main() File "/home/user/bin/git-p4", line 2357, in main if not File "/home/user/bin/git

How to get --detect-branches to work with git-p4?

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问题 My p4 repository has a structure similar to: //depot/project/branch1 //depot/project/branch2 //depot/project/branch3 ... etc However, when I use git-p4 to clone "project", all 3 branches are not considered as branches and all get cloned into the single master branch. This is how I'm invoking git-p4 : git-p4 clone --detect-branches //depot/project I was expecting git-p4 to create a git database for " project " with three branches, and the root of the project would be mapped to the portion of

Using git-p4 to setup a git clone of a perforce client

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问题 I have a perforce client which maps several perforce paths into my local client. These perforce paths are for libraries and the main code line. How do I use git-p4 to setup a clone of the entire client in a separate directory? From what I see git-p4 can only clone specific depot paths. I would like to clone an entire client: suppose my perforce client is test_client. I would like to do: cd git_area cp ../perforce/test_client/.perforce . git-p4 clone or something similar which will pull in all

git p4 rebase attempts to reapply past commits

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问题 I am having a problem with git p4 rebase and I don't know how to start diagnosing the issue, much less what the problem is. So I have a git repo cloned from a perforce workspace by git-p4 and it's being used as a remote repo to serve as a bridge so a team can use git against one remote repo and then periodically, I can push the repo's changes back to the workspace. And normally the workflow is either that the person is on the master branch, makes edits, git -a commit s them, git pull s again,

git p4 submit fails

霸气de小男生 提交于 2019-12-19 03:12:21
问题 I tried running git p4 submit on a repo that I've been running as an interim bridge between git and perforce. Multiple people are using the repo as a remote and its being periodically submitted back to perforce. It's been working mostly fine, except for some duplicated perforce commits whose bizarre behaviour I can't seem to reproduce. Then one day out of the blue I get this error. I can no longer push any git commits to perforce. user@hostname:~/Source/code$ git p4 submit -M --export-labels

Perforce to Git: Invalid option: -r

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问题 I am trying to migrate a project from Perforce into Git. I am using git-p4 as my main tool to do the heavy lifting for me, and it comes by default with Git on Windows: C:\Program Files\Git\mingw64\libexec\git-core\git-p4 . Following Migrating Perforce to Git in Windows, I have reached the step where I execute my cloning command: git p4 clone <PerforceRepo> (where p4 is an alias for the file I keep getting error: Invalid option: -r. C:\P4-To-Git>git p4 clone //depot/C:\build

How to push & merge specific commit history?

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问题 I cloned a Repo from Perfoce into Git locally with all its history, call it SubProj , and then I pushed it to a remote repo, and used that remote repo to merge SubProj under a SuperProj . There is no way to import part of the history from Perforce to Git, either @all or none . Anyway, It went fine and I deleted the local repo, and its remote. Now, there are changes on the Perforce depot SubProj , so I cloned SubProj again with all the history, I want to push then merge with SuperProj but I do

Replace working copy of git repo with actual contents of repo in .git?

こ雲淡風輕ζ 提交于 2019-12-11 04:28:40
问题 TLDR What is the git command to force the contents of the working copy to be what's actually in the repo in the .git subfolder? (In the event that changes are pushed from another machine to a remote repo that has a working copy) LONG STORY I would like my team within my company, which uses perforce, to move to git. I want to use Git-P4 to achieve that. I want to have a section of perforce cloned to a git repo, and make that a remote repo, so that people would clone that, push changes to the