Images in app/public (laravel) not show in Heroku app

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问题 I have a project in laravel which one of the sections upload images to the server. Images are saved by using File storage and in the / storage / app / public folder. In local works correctly, the images look good, but when I upload the project to heroku, the images are not seen. Even in heroku run the command "php artisan storage: link" Why can not I see the images? I would not want to use AWS S3 for this. What could I miss? Thank you.. 回答1: Heroku doesn't have file storage. So if you're

What should be the better solution for store and manage big data?

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问题 I have a PHP application which request a API in every half hour and get chunk of data. The amount of data approximately 30 million every month. So this data is flooded database every day. And at the end of the year it cross approximately (30*12) = 360 million data or more. I just store those data and when user request for a specific data I get from it. So what could be the better solution for this kind of application for store those data and get a specific data? I am now using MYSQL. Is MYSQL

Pro & Cons of storing files(pictures) in a SQL Server for a website

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问题 I'm creating an Asp.Net MVC website. I've in the past, for heavy application, multiple layer application, used the database to store files. But now I'm questioning myself, is this a good idea for a website? In a performance view? It has several pros to me: Allows me to control easily if the connected user has the right to display the image(Required for my project) Permits to be sure that we have consistent data(otherwise we can have an existing file but no info in the database and the

Closing a “local” OrientDB when using connection pools

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问题 So I basically do this. OObjectDatabaseTx result = "local:orientdb", "admin", "admin"); //dostuff result.close; The problem is that when I redeploy my webapp (without restarting the Java EE container) I get the folling error: com.orientechnologies.orient.core.exception.OStorageException: Cannot open local storage 'orientdb' with mode=rw which I interpret to mean "Tomcat still has a filelock from the last app". So my question is how do I cleanly exit in

How to get a file after uploading it to Azure Storage

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问题 I had uploaded files mostly media files to Azure's File Storage, which I am able to see in Azure's Explorer as well. But when I view the file as anonymous user, I am not able to view the file. Tried to check with Permissions setting as well, but to no avail. Any help would be welcomed :) 回答1: Azure files have Shared Access Signatures (SAS). This is a key that you compute with the storage account key, that gives access to a particular URL. Here is an example (storage account name is obfuscated

Get attached file name in attachment.js using loopback

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问题 I have the loopback component storage file which is storing the file.Now i want get the attached file name in the attachment.js file. attachment.json { "name": "attachment", "base": "Model", "idInjection": true, "options": { "validateUpsert": true }, "properties": {}, "validations": [], "relations": {}, "acls": [], "methods": {} } attachment.js 'use strict'; module.exports = function(Attachment) { }; I want to print the attached file name in the attachment.js how to do this. 来源: https:/

should user avatars be saved in a private directory?

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问题 I am building a community site and i'm currently writing a script that generates thumbnails and stores them on our filesystem. Should I be storing the avatars in a private directory? or is it OK for that type of file to be in a public assets directory like a CDN? why or why not? 回答1: After searching around and looking at other sites. Google Plus in particular does not save their avatars in a private directory. In fact, their avatars are accessed from a public CDN and are served up and mixed

Guidance on Android file storage

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问题 I need to write an Android app that would download sounds from the internet for further use. Where should i store these sounds? Is Sqlite an option? And what's the best way to load and play these files? Thanks in advance. 回答1: I would recommend putting the files on the SD Card, if one exists. One thing to note, though, is that you should never hard code a path to the SD card. You would likely want to do something along the lines of: try { //Create handle to SD card drectory exportDirectory =

File Storeage Using Kinvey Rest api

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问题 I try to upload image using KINVEY REST api ( but i failed to upload file in file storage. please tell me how to send image file-name/file-data in get/put request and which header should i use. also refer any link which help me. thanks in advance. 回答1: I'm an engineer at Kinvey. To use the REST API, you need to first get an API URL to upload by making a GET request to: /blob/:appKey/upload-loc/:fileName That will return a response with

Programmatically storing image files in JBoss [closed]

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问题 Closed . This question needs to be more focused. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Update the question so it focuses on one problem only by editing this post. Closed 4 years ago . I am developing a Java EE application for JBoss 6.1.0 which needs to programmatically store image files on disk. How/where should I store image files on a JBoss server? 回答1: You can use the /standalone/data folder for this, whose path is available via the