Integrating real-time messaging in android app

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问题 I have been searching for a while as to what could be the best option to integrate real-time messaging in my app. I have read about a number of available chat APIs like Sinch, Applozic, Quickblox, SendBird, etc. What I am confused about is that since I am using Firebase Auth for user authentication, can I use these available API along with Firebase Auth??? I know I can even use Firebase to create IM feature but I would prefer to use third party IM APIs as it will save time. Note: I am using

how to list out my contact list and send message in applozic

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问题 Context context = getApplicationContext(); AppContactService appContactService = new AppContactService(context); if (!appContactService.isContactExists("bdhameliya1")) { List<Contact> contactList = new ArrayList<Contact>(); Contact contact = new Contact(); contact.setUserId("adarshk"); contact.setFullName("John"); contact.setImageURL("R.drawable.couple"); contactList.add(contact); Contact contactRaj = new Contact(); contactRaj.setUserId("krunal"); contactRaj.setFullName("krunal"); contactRaj

How to get list of my users in AppLozic

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问题 is it possible to get all of my users without adding them to through contacts. My problem is that I store users in Firebase and they can have invisible profile. I need to get only users with visible profiles. How can I achieve this? Thanks 回答1: You can use the below method code for getting all the user users .You need to pass the users of set type then you will get the response in if(!TextUtils.isEmpty(response)){ public String postUserDetailsByUserIds(Set<String> userIds) { try {