Whats the difference between rs.close vs rs = nothing in a RecordSet

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问题 I often find it confusing as to when it is appropriate to use: rs.Close opposed to Set rs = Nothing I can understand needing to close a connection to a source, but should I be using both when the variable falls out of scope? Can I just set the variable to Nothing in order to skip the step of Closing the connection? Would this be considered a bad practice? 回答1: By using the "Close" method you are closing the connection to the database but is still in the memory where you can open again using

Image download in an Android ImageView and Progressbar implementation

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I need to download an image in an ImageView . I want to use a ProgressBar to tell the user that the program is downloading images. If the program can't download the image in 30sec, the program will use a Toast / AlertDialog to notify the user and exit. How can I implement this function? Could anyone

Is it possible to append an item to an array in awk without specifying an index?

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问题 I realize that awk has associative arrays, but I wonder if there is an awk equivalent to this: http://php.net/manual/en/function.array-push.php The obvious workaround is to just say: array[$new_element] = $new_element However, this seems less readable and more hackish than it needs to be. 回答1: I don't think an array length is immediately available in awk (at least not in the versions I fiddle around with). But you could simply maintain the length and then do something like this: array

MS Test: Getting executing testlocation?

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问题 How do I find the equivalent of a path to the executing assembly when running tests under MS Test in VS 2010? I need to know where the test is running from, so that I can set a relative path to a data file that it needs. I am trying to find the same sort of path to an executing test that I would get if I used System.Reflection.Assembly.GetEntryAssembly().Location on an executing assembly. Thanks for your help. 回答1: You can use TestContext.DeploymentDirectory to get the test deployment

Puppeteer-web: Protocol error (Target: getBrowserContexts) not allowed

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I've got a chrome extension that is trying to implement puppeteer-web. I've followed the following code to try and get set up puppeteer-web: "Puppeteer is not a constructor" This is my code: const puppeteer = require("puppeteer"); async function initiatePuppeteer() { let browserWSEndpoint = '';

Copy data to and from the same table and change the value of copied data in one column to a specified value

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问题 I want to copy some data in a single table in a SQL Server 2008 database and copy it into the same table and change the values in one column of the copied data to a single specified number. Here is an example, in the following table called Metric, the data is: Key Name MetricValue 112 Joe 34 112 Fred 38 112 Frank 12 112 John 56 112 David 87 112 Sue 43 234 Alli 34 234 Susan 38 234 Anne 12 234 Franki 56 I want to copy all those entries with a key of 112 to Metric and assign all copied rows a