“java.net.BindException: Address already in use: JVM_Bind” when I start Jetty in eclipse mars

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WARN:oejuc.AbstractLifeCycle:FAILED SelectChannelConnector@ FAILED: java.net.BindException: Address already in use

I had the same problem. In my case i tried to run jetty server on windows 8. When i execute mvn jetty:run command had the error on port number 8080. My port no 8080 was running by malware(sysnetwk.exe) after i killed the process(sysnetwk.exe) running on 8080 jetty server started. it works fine now If anyone has this problem they can follow below steps

  1. you need to find which process running on port no (in my case port no 8080)

    c:\ Windows\system32>netstat -ano | findstr 8080


  2. Kill the process using PID

    c:\ Windows\system32>taskkill /F /pid 6772

    Success: process terminated.

If you can't kill the process using cmd prompt then you can use task manager(ctrl+shift+esc) to kill the process

This may be because of other thread already using the JVM debug port. go to the task manager and kill the javaw.exe and java.exe and try again.