Python as PDF Editing and Processing Framework [closed]

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I am looking for using Python as PDF Editing and Processing Framework.

Any suggestions? looking for an open source and well maintained library


ReportLab will help you produce pdf's in python at least. Here's a tutorial


You can look at using rst2pdf to produce pdfs from your data. rst2pdf provides an easy interface to use reportlab.

回答3: - it saw 4 years of development. What are you trying to do? Sometimes you can write PDF files using LaTeX.


How about plasTex ( ), you could render it to HTML output and eventually to pdf. It supports the LaTeX typesetting, which is probably what you want.

You could check out DocBook ( as well.

If you just want to get data from database and output them as pdf in table form, you could resolve to easier alternatives, such as reportlab, check its homepage.

or reportlab tutorials: provides easy to follow steps and also what are the possible results from using this module.