Sort files by creation date - iOS

可紊 提交于 2019-12-05 00:11:37


I´m trying to get all the files in i directory and sort them according to creation date or modify date. There are plenty of examples out there but I can´t get no one of them to work.

Anyone have a good example how to get an array of files from a directory sorted by date?


There are two steps here, getting the list of files with their creation dates, and sorting them.

In order to make it easy to sort them later, I create an object to hold the path with its modification date:

@interface PathWithModDate : NSObject
@property (strong) NSString *path;
@property (strong) NSDate *modDate;

@implementation PathWithModDate

Now, to get the list of files and folders (not a deep search), use this:

- (NSArray*)getFilesAtPathSortedByModificationDate:(NSString*)folderPath {
    NSArray *allPaths = [NSFileManager.defaultManager contentsOfDirectoryAtPath:folderPath error:nil];

    NSMutableArray *sortedPaths = [NSMutableArray new];
    for (NSString *path in allPaths) {
        NSString *fullPath = [folderPath stringByAppendingPathComponent:path];

        NSDictionary *attr = [NSFileManager.defaultManager attributesOfItemAtPath:fullPath error:nil];
        NSDate *modDate = [attr objectForKey:NSFileModificationDate];

        PathWithModDate *pathWithDate = [[PathWithModDate alloc] init];
        pathWithDate.path = fullPath;
        pathWithDate.modDate = modDate;
        [sortedPaths addObject:pathWithDate];

    [sortedPaths sortUsingComparator:^(PathWithModDate *path1, PathWithModDate *path2) {
        // Descending (most recently modified first)
        return [path2.modDate compare:path1.modDate];

    return sortedPaths;

Note that once I create an array of PathWithDate objects, I use sortUsingComparator to put them in the right order (I chose descending). In order to use creation date instead, use [attr objectForKey:NSFileCreationDate] instead.