How to set access permissions of google cloud storage bucket folder

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How do I set access permissions for entire folder in storage bucket? Example; I have 2 folders (containing many subfolders/objects) in single bucket (let's call them folder 'A' and 'B') and 4 members in project team. All 4 members can have read/edit access for folder A but only 2 of the members are allowed to have access to folder 'B'. Is there a simple way to set these permissions for each folder? There are hundreds/thousands of files within each folder and it would be very time consuming to set permissions for each individual file. Thanks for any help.


It's very poorly documented, but search for "folder" in the gsutil acl ch manpage:

Grant the user with the specified canonical ID READ access to all objects in example-bucket that begin with folder/:

gsutil acl ch -r \
  -u 84fac329bceSAMPLE777d5d22b8SAMPLE785ac2SAMPLE2dfcf7c4adf34da46:R \


You cannot do this in GCS. GCS provides permissions to buckets and permissions to objects. A "folder" is not a GCS concept and does not have any properties or permissions.


Thanks everyone, looks like this is not the straightforward solution to achieve my requirement in GCP. It is quite easily achievable in AWS using the below mentioned script.


Similar implementation I'm looking for in GCP.