SVN - how does removing a bin folder cause the src folder to be removed instead?

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There was a bin folder in version control with a bunch of .class files and other junk that should not be versioned. Could someone please explain to me how the following commit:

529  svn rm --force bin/
530  svn ci -m "Bin should not be under version control."

Leads to the following:

Revision 249
Author:     ndunn
Date:   Mon Jul 26 14:52:14 2010 UTC (62 minutes, 34 seconds ago)
Log Message:    

Bin should not be under version control.

trunk/projname/src/     deleted

I went back through the svn logs as someone reminded me that this had happened before - sure enough, one two separate occasions developers had attempted to remove the bin folder and instead the src folder completely disappeared.

Any idea what the heck could be going on? This is an Android project that's under version control.


I think this post solves the mystery

My problem is that when I start working into the project, the /bin folder is generated by the SDK and a copy of the .svn folder from /src is copied into /bin/.svn, which breaks by subversion structure.

So anyone using Eclipse with Android had better be prepared to have any changes made to the bin folder reflected in src... wow.

Picture solution: alt text


I recommend to set svn:ignore property on parent (of src and bin) with value bin to prevent committing bin folder. BTW: In our team 2 persons also deleted src while trying to delete bin - it seems it is Eclipse related problem...