How do I get pcp to automatically attach nodes to postgres pgpool?

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可以将文章内容翻译成中文,广告屏蔽插件可能会导致该功能失效(如失效,请关闭广告屏蔽插件后再试): 由 翻译 强力驱动 问题: I'm using postgres 9.4.9, pgpool 3.5.4 on centos 6.8. I'm having a major hard time getting pgpool to automatically detect when nodes are up (it often detects the first node but rarely detects the secondary) but if I use pcp_attach_node to tell it what nodes are up, then everything is hunky dory. So I figured until I could properly sort the issue out, I would write a little script to check the status of the nodes and attach them as appropriate, but I'm having trouble with the password prompt. According to the documentation, I should

Linux服务器集群性能监控之Performance Co-Pilot(PCP)部署

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转载自: https://blog.csdn.net/w84268426/article/details/78431778 在部署PCP时,我用到了两台cent os 7虚拟机。 1.官方安装文档 http://pcp.io/docs/guide.html 2.官方用户指引 http://pcp.io/doc/pcp-users-and-administrators-guide.pdf 3.安装步骤简介 监控机和被监控机均需要关闭firewall防火墙 关闭firewall: systemctl stop firewalld.service #停止firewall systemctl disable firewalld.service #禁止firewall开机启动 firewall-cmd --state #查看默认防火墙状态(关闭后显示not running,开启后显示running) 监控机: ①安装Collector # yum install pcp # systemctl enable pmcd # systemctl start pmcd # systemctl enable pmlogger # systemctl start pmlogger # cd /var/lib/pcp/pmdas/proc # ./Install ②安装monitor # yum