Kendo UI Grid Data variable Vue.js

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问题 In the kendo UI it is possible to load the grid with data from a variable in the Vue.js? 回答1: Yes, instead of using a data-source-ref, you can bind to a data-source property. This can be an instance of an kendo DataSource or a simple array. For example, here's the default demo, changed to bind to an array of objects. var products = [{ "ProductID": 1, "ProductName": "Chai", "UnitPrice": 18, "UnitsInStock": 39, "Discontinued": false }, { "ProductID": 2, "ProductName": "Chang", "UnitPrice": 19,

Vuex How to bind store to KendoUi-Vue Grid in transport read

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问题 I am trying to bind the data on Kendo UI with the data from Vuex getters. I have tried the following but no luck. Please help whether where i am missing something on the vuex or on the kendo. Kendo Extensions: <kendo-grid :data-source="kendoDataSource"> </kendo-grid> Components: computed: { customers() { return this.$store.getters.customers; } }, data() { return { kendoDataSource: { schema: { data: function(response) { return response; }, model: { id: "CustomerID", fields: { CompanyName: {