How to upload a pristine Python package to PyPI?

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What\'s the magic \"python some_incantation_here\" command to upload a package to PyPI, in a form that can be downloaded to get the original package in its

  • 2021-02-20 17:28

    When you perform an "sdist" command, then what controls the list of included files is your "" file sitting next to "", not whatever you have listed in "package_data". This has something to do with the schizophrenic nature of the Python packaging solutions today; "sdist" is powered by the distutils in the standard library, while "bdist_egg" is controlled by the setuptools module.

    To solve the problem, try creating a next to your file, and give it contents like this:

    include *.jpg

    Of course, I'm imaging that your "image files" are actual pictures rather than disk images or ISO images or something; you might have to adjust the above line if I've guessed wrong! But check out the Specifying which files to distribute section of the distutils docs, and see whether you can't get those files appearing in your .tar.gz source distribution! Good luck.

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