print exit code in cmd in windows os [duplicate]

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问题 This question already has answers here : How do I get the application exit code from a Windows command line? (7 answers) Closed 6 years ago . print exit code in cmd in windows os ....some command return exit code ...where this code store...and i want to print this exit code and assign it to variable 回答1: You can use %ERRORLEVEL% environment variable, it will hold the last code that was returned. You can echo it or assign it to a variable, depending on your needs. 来源:

How do I get the latlng after the dragend event in leaflet?

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问题 I'm trying to update the lat/lng value of a marker after it is moved. The example provided uses a popup window to display the lat/lng. I have a "dragend" event listener for the marker, but when I alert the value of e.latlng it returns undefined. javascript: function markerDrag(e){ alert("You dragged to: " + e.latlng); } function initialize() { // Initialize the map var map ='map').setView([38.487, -75.641], 8); L.tileLayer('http://{s}{z}/{x}/{y}.png', {

Angular Material: how to set background-color (without CSS)

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问题 I'm developing a pure Material Design application using Angular Material framework. However, I don't understand how to set containers' background colors (e.g. a login form with a blue background). I could do it using CSS of course but I wonder if there's a built-in directive / theme option to do this. 回答1: I am pretty sure I have seen this somewhere in the docs, but I cant find it now. You have to do two different things: set .backgroundPalette('indigo') same way as you set primary theme

How do I disable a tab index on a control on a form?

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问题 I have a form with 2 buttons and 2 labels. I want to set button 1 = tabIndex = 0, button 2 = tabIndex = 1 and I do not want to set a tabIndex to the 2 labels, meaning that if the user presses tab, it'll go from button 1 to button 2. How would I go about doing this? 回答1: Just set the TabStop property of the Labels to false and the TabIndex property of the Buttons to whatever you want. You can do it right in the Properties window of the designer. 回答2: button1.TabIndex = 0; button2.TabIndex = 1;


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目录 一、首先介绍3.0与4.0之前的差异 1.、地址: 2、4.0添加升级如下功能: 二、LCN4.0原理 1、架构介绍 2、核心步骤(LCN核心的三步骤) 3、事务协调机制 对于代理连接池的优化 4、补偿机制 为什么需要事务补偿? 补偿机制的触发条件? 补偿事务机制? LCN是怎么去实现事务补偿呢? 5、插件机制 拟场景演示模 一、首先介绍3.0与4.0之前的差异 1.、地址: 2、4.0添加升级如下功能: (1)3.0虽然有事务补偿机制,但4.0在此基础上不仅添加事务补偿机制的策性,还添加了管理的后台可以看到补偿的数据;同时也添加了一个回调地址,可以在补偿之前可以最先知道这次补偿的数据

how can I point PHP glob to a specific directory?

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问题 So I got this code to list all jpg images inside a directory but it only works on my root directory and I don't know how to point it to my images directory. <ul> <?php foreach (glob("N*T.jpg") as $image): ?> <li> <a href="<?php echo str_replace("T", "F", $image); ?>"> <img src="<?php echo "$image"; ?>"> </a> </li> <?php endforeach; ?> </ul> Can anyone help me with that? 回答1: This should work: glob('images/N*T.jpg'); Otherwise: chdir('images'); glob('N*T.jpg'); 回答2: Just prepend the path to

Simulate external stroke ::before pseudo elements: problem with transparent text

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问题 I find it difficult to believe that there is no standard and simple (and browser-independent) way to put a stroke effect around the outside of text using CSS. We do have -webkit-text-stroke but for some odd reason the stroke is centred around the border of the text rather than outside it , as bemoaned here. So I'm trying to implement a workaround based on this idea, which places the stroked text in a pseudo element behind the original un-stroked text. I've demonstrated this in this jsfiddle,

How to clear an input value on some button press?

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问题 I'm trying to clear an input when a user presses comma ( , ). So what I did was, on (keypress) I would check the keyCode and if it's a comma I would clear the input by setting the input value to input.value = '' . HTML: <input type="text" #elem (keypress)="clearInput($event)"> Code: @ViewChild( 'elem' ) public element; clearInput( e: KeyboardEvent ) { if ( e.keyCode === 44 ) { this.element.nativeElement.value = ''; } else { console.log('Not a comma'); } } 回答1: Use Event.preventDefault(). Add

Python / OpenCV application lockup issue

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问题 My Python application running on a 64-core Linux box normally runs without a problem. Then after some random length of time (around 0.5 to 1.5 days usually) I suddenly start getting frequent pauses/lockups of over 10 seconds! During these lockups the system CPU time (i.e. time in the kernel) can be over 90% (yes: 90% of all 64 cores , not of just one CPU). My app is restarted often throughout the day. Restarting the app does not fix the problem. However, rebooting the machine does. Question 1

How can I get all element's immediate children with css selectors using selenium?

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问题 I already tried using the ">" syntax but selenium does not accept it, I know there is a way to get it using Xpath but our entire project is written using CSS selectors. I am trying to store a list that will contain all immediate children of an element but not their children (descendants), when I use the "*" syntax I get all the element's descendants. 回答1: You should specify a tag to start from... if you want "all element's immediate children" , you would simply get all elements, which isn't