Swift Error: Cannot convert value of type 'ArraySlice' to expected argument type

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问题 I'm getting this error and am new to Swift. I want to take the last 5 points of an array >= 5, and pass those 5 points as an array argument to a function. How can I achieve this and get past this error? Cannot convert value of type 'ArraySlice' to expected argument type '[CGPoint]' if (self.points?.count >= 5) { let lastFivePoints = self.points![(self.points!.count-5)..<self.points!.count] let angle = VectorCalculator.angleWithArrayOfPoints(lastFivePoints) } 回答1: You need to convert

Fatal error: Class 'imagick' not found

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问题 I am trying to install imagemagic php extension under WampServer 2. I've downloaded and installed ImageMagick . I've chosen ImageMagick-6.8.8-10-Q16-x86-dll.exe I've downloaded the php extension. I've moved the dll extension I just downloaded to C:\wamp\bin\php\php5.4.16\ext\ I've altered php.ini (accessed it through wamp tray icon > right-click > PHP > php.ini) and added "extension=php_imagick.dll", without the quotes, to the extensions lists. I restarted Apache. Not noticing the extension

Is multiple .Where() statements in LINQ a performance issue?

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问题 I am wondering if there are performance implications of multiple .Where() statements. For example I could write: var contracts = Context.Contract .Where( c1 => c1.EmployeeId == employeeId ) .Where( c1 => !Context.Contract.Any( c2 => c2.EmployeeId == employeeId && c1.StoreId == c2.StoreId && SqlFunctions.DateDiff("day", c2.TerminationDate.Value, c1.DateOfHire.Value) == 1 ) ) .Where( c1 => !Context.EmployeeTask.Any( t => t.ContractId == c1.Id ) ); Or alternatively I could combine them all into

Grails application is not found after updating to IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate 2016.2

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问题 I have updated my IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate to the 2016.2 version. I had a Grails 3 project and now when I open the IDE I get the following error when trying to run my project: Error running Grails: My_Project: Grails application is not found I can still open the terminal and run the project manually, but it seems that IntelliJ IDEA no longer recognises my Grails application. When going to "Edit configurations...", in "Application" it says "[none]" and I can't select anything. Grails Version: 3


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Lcn分布式事务流程实现(启动事务协调者) 如果觉得还可以 记得关注一下公众号哦!一起交流学习! 一、lcn流程图实现 二、Lcn介绍 1. tx-lcn 1.正如官网所说的:LCN并不生产事务,LCN只是本地事务的协调工! Lcn本身不会产生事务,也不会涉及到某些业务代码!他对事务的操作本身就依赖一个事务协调者服务 如上图所说的一样 他分为4个步骤 服务发起者 在事务协调者内创建事务组,并将本事务加入事务组 事务参与者加入事务组,直到有结束标记出现 事务协调者向所有的事务参与者发送询问,是否能够提交!全部提交则事务组提交!有一个回滚标记则事务组回滚! 事务组执行操作之后,释放所有锁资源! 三

How to check if an object with an ID already exists on the page? [duplicate]

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问题 This question already has answers here : Closed 8 years ago . Possible Duplicate: Is there an “exists” function for jQuery Say for instance you have the div: <div id="hello"></div> And you are dynamically creating a div: <div id="hello"></div> Is there a function you can use in Jquery which will check to see if the object with the ID you are trying to create already exists on the page? 回答1: For jQuery method you could go with if($("#selector").length) { //object already exists } 回答2: if

Powershell Get-WebSite name parameter is ignored

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问题 I want to retrieve information regarding specific IIS 7 website using the PowerShell Get-Website cmdlet. Unfortunately, Get-Website returns information for all websites regardless of the -Name parameter I pass in. It appears that the -Name parameter is ignored. For instance, if I use: Import-Module WebAdministration Get-Website -Name "Test Website" I will receive information for all websites on my machine: Name ID State Physical Path Bindings ---- -- ----- ------------- -------- Default Web

Difference between compiling as C# 3.0 or ISO-1 or ISO-2?

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问题 In Visual Studio 2010, under "Advanced Build Settings" there is the following options for "Language Version": default ISO-1 ISO-2 C# 3.0 Is there any advantage to compiling as C# 3.0, e.g. benchmark speed or stability? 回答1: The only time you should mess with this is if you are writing code in, say, VS 2010, but you intend that the code should compile on earlier compilers (VS 2005 or VS 2003). This will limit language features, such as LINQ (only in C# 3), iterator blocks (only in ISO-2 and

What's preventing me from resizing (downsizing) my windows form object?

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问题 I've got a windows form object that contains 3 objects, a treeview, a richtextbox, and a tabcontrol. They are not docked into the windows form, but they are anchored (top+left). I've written the code to resize them when a form-resize event handler gets called, but it only seems to be working for an increase of form size, that is to say, I can't resize the form to a smaller size. This includes times when I first increase the main windows form and then attempt to return it to its original size.

Default value of an unset boolean in C++? [duplicate]

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问题 This question already has answers here : Closed 8 years ago . Possible Duplicate: Why is a C++ bool var true by default? Say I were to do something like this: class blah { public: bool exampleVar; }; blah exampleArray[4]; exampleArray[1].exampleVar = true; In exampleArray, there are now 3 unset instances of exampleVar, what are their default values without me setting them? 回答1: The default value depends on the scope that exampleArray is declared in. If it is local to a function the values