How to use namespace or type alias/abbreviation?

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问题 What's the equivalent F# declaration to this C# declaration: using NR = ICSharpCode.NRefactory; 回答1: abbreviations in F# can be applied to modules: module ES = Microsoft.FSharp.Quotations.ExprShape and types type Thread = System.Threading.Thread unfortunatly just namespaces cannot be abbreviated 回答2: Equivalent F# declaration would be: type NR = ICSharpCode.NRefactory In F# it's called a type abreviation : But ICSharpCode.NRefactory has to

SQL Server return Rows that are not equal <> to a value and NULL

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问题 I have a table that has a column of values that can be rowTypeID = (1,2,3, or null) . I would like to write a query that returns any row that doesn't have a value of 3 in it. In this example I want all NULL rows along with all 1,2 rows I just don't want rows with the value of 3 Set ANSI null ON is currently set for the database. I'm curious as to why I can't write select * from myTable where myCol <> 3 This query will not return any rows that have NULL in the myCol column I have to write

Creating a YouTube Service via ASP.NET using a pre-existing Access Token

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问题 I've been working on a Website for users to upload videos to a shared YouTube account for later access. After much work I've been able to get an Active Token, and viable Refresh Token. However, the code to initialize the YouTubeService object looks like this: UserCredential credential; using (var stream = new FileStream("client_secrets.json", FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read)) { credential = await GoogleWebAuthorizationBroker.AuthorizeAsync( GoogleClientSecrets.Load(stream).Secrets, // This

Accessing Devise Config Variables

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问题 In my Rails app, what would be the way to access a Devise config variable directly from a view? I want to show config.allow_unconfirmed_access_for from Devise's :confirmable module. This variable is set in devise.rb initializer: Devise.setup do config.allow_unconfirmed_access_for = 3.days end Thanks! 回答1: The configurations on devise.rb file are replicated on your Devise model, so if your Devise resource is User , you should be able to access it through User.allow_unconfirmed_access_for . So,

Use @ClassRule in Kotlin

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问题 In JUnit you can use @ClassRule to annotate an static field. How can I do this in Kotlin? I tried: object companion { @ClassRule @JvmStatic val managedMongoDb = ... } and object companion { @ClassRule @JvmField val managedMongoDb = ... } but none of the last works because rule isn't executed. I double checked that exactly same rule works fine without static context: @Rule @JvmField val managedMongoDb = ... 回答1: You are not using companion objects correctly. You are declaring an object (single

Why do undefined constants evaluate to true?

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问题 Stupid question - I'm surprised this one has bitten me. Why do undefined constants in PHP evaluate to true? Test case: <?php if(WHATEVER_THIS_ISNT_DEFINED) echo 'Huh?'; ?> The above example prints 'Huh?' Thanks so much for your help! :) 回答1: Try defined('WHATEVER_THIS_ISNT_DEFINED') When PHP encounters a constant that is not defined, it throws an E_NOTICE , and uses the constant name you've tried to use as a string. That's why your snippet prints Huh! , because a non-empty string (which is

ShoppingCart in Java

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问题 i have a Product class and CartItem class that holds the product, and a shoppingCart class that contains the methods for adding/removing items from the cart. I am currently using an XML file to store the products. How would you display a list of products in a JSP page. How do you iterate through the list of products, listing each products name, description, and size and its price? 回答1: how would you display a list of products in a JSP page. How do you iterate through the list of products,

Calling a method from another method in the same class

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问题 Why am I getting the error: "Uncaught TypeError: self.myTest is not a function"? How do I call a method from within another method in a javascript class? class MyClass { myTest() { console.log('it works'); } runMyTest() { self.myTest(); } } var myClass = new MyClass(); myClass.runMyTest(); 回答1: You need to use the this keyword instead of self . runMyTest() { this.myTest(); } A side note If you are nesting standard functions notation then this is not lexically bound (will be undefined). To get

Why does Set-ItemProperty have no effect for IIS applications under Windows 10?

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问题 Most of our web applications include a Deploy.ps1 Powershell script. Octopus Deploy uses this to configure apps during production deployments, but we also use it to set up developers' local IIS settings. Works absolutely fine on Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and on all our Win2012 production servers. It's not working on Windows 10, and this appears to be because the Set-ItemProperty cmdlet has no effect. No error message or anything, it just doesn't do anything. The IIS site already

Swift Error: Cannot convert value of type 'ArraySlice' to expected argument type

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问题 I'm getting this error and am new to Swift. I want to take the last 5 points of an array >= 5, and pass those 5 points as an array argument to a function. How can I achieve this and get past this error? Cannot convert value of type 'ArraySlice' to expected argument type '[CGPoint]' if (self.points?.count >= 5) { let lastFivePoints = self.points![(self.points!.count-5)..<self.points!.count] let angle = VectorCalculator.angleWithArrayOfPoints(lastFivePoints) } 回答1: You need to convert