MySQL query to search for items with certain tags

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问题 I have a MySQL database with the following tables: items | id, item items_tags | id, item_name, item_id, tag_name, tag_id tags | id, tag I'd like to allow the user to search for items with any tag or any combination of tags. Here's some example data to show what I'd like to do: items: id | item ----------- 1 | banana 2 | orange 3 | tomato items_tags: id | item_name | item_id | tag_name | tag_id --------------------------------------------- 1 | banana | 1 | yellow | 1 2 | banana | 1 | fruit |

How to filter Outlook for Mac calendar events by category using AppleScript

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问题 I'm trying to write an Applescript on OSX to filter Outlook for Mac 2011 calendar events based on event categories, e.g. find all events tagged as "Conference". For example, I have a calendar event named "WWDC" that is found by the following script: tell application "Microsoft Outlook" set theCategoryConference to first category whose name is "Conference" set theConferenceList to every calendar event whose (subject is "WWDC") display dialog "There were " & (count of theConferenceList) & "

Random value in Swift

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问题 I'm trying to have a value who is between 0 and the size of my screen. So i did it like this : let sizeX = Int(CGRectGetMaxX(self.frame)) let sizeY = Int(CGRectGetMaxY(self.frame)) var randomX = CGFloat(arc4random()) % sizeX var randomY = CGFloat(arc4random()) % sizeY self.touchButton.position = CGPointMake(randomX, randomY) I have this error : could not find an overload for '%' that accepts the supplied arguments I need this to randomize the position of an SkSpriteNode, maybe is there a

Java based Framework for web applications for beginners

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问题 I have a new colleague who needs some education about developing web applications in java. He has basic java knowledge and is almost not experienced with web applications. Our standard toolstack is based on Wicket, JPA and Spring but I'm afraid of overcharging our new colleague with this. Now I'm looking for suggestions about the best framework for web application that can be used by beginners. It should be using the java language and it should be easy to connect to a database (oracle, mysql,

why is mimetypes.guess_type('a.json') not working in centos 7

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问题 In Centos, why is python 2.7 prebuilt library mimetypes.guess_type not returning mimetype for json files? I am using guess_type in mimetypes and it returns different value in centos/ubuntu. What's the pythonic way to deduce mimetype from filename in different OS? In ubuntu 14.04, it returns the correct mime type >>> import mimetypes >>> mimetypes.guess_type('a.json') ('application/json', None) But in Centos7 >>> import mimetypes >>> mimetypes

ASP.NET MVC 3.0 2 Foreign Keys from the same table exception

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问题 I have two tables and models corresponding to each table: Employee and EmployeeEducation In EmployeeEducation I have 2 foreign keys from the table Employee: Id for consultant and id for actual employee who owns the educations. Each education can have different consultant. [Required(ErrorMessage = "Contact Admin")] [Display(Name = "Consultant")] public int? ConsultantId { get; set; } *emphasized text* [Required(ErrorMessage = "Contact Admin")] public int? EmployeeId { get; set; } For each id ı

How to populate 2nd combobox(g:select) values on basis of 1st combobox(g:select)?

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问题 I'm trying to load 2nd combobox ( g:select ) values on the selection of 1st combobox ( g:select ) value in GSP. Domain classes: class Person { String name static hasMany = [telephones:Telephone] } class Telephone { String tNumber Person person static belongsTo = [person:Person] } GSP: <td> <g:select id="person" name="selectedPersonId" from="${Person.list(sort:name, order:asc)}" value="name" optionValue="name" optionKey="id" noSelection="['0':'--Select--']" /> </td> <td> <g:select id=

Expressing byte values > 127 in .Net Strings

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问题 I'm writing some binary protocol messages in .Net using strings, and it mostly works, except for one particular case. The message I'm trying to send is: String cmdPacket = "\xFD\x0B\x16MBEPEXE1."; myDevice.Write(Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(cmdPacket)); (to help decode, those bytes are 253, 11, 22, then the ASCII chars: "MBEPEXE1." ). Except when I do the Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes , the 0xFD comes out as byte 0x3F (value 253 changed to 63). (I should point out that the \x0B and \x16 are interpreted

Maximum Size of patch to customSchemas?

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问题 I'm having an issue with the SDK. I followed this guide to get SSO with AWS. I'm able to add 4 roles using my code, but after that I get a 413. My schema contains all of the roles under the SSO role array. So, each patch I make requires me to resubmit the entire role array according to the docs: Note about arrays: Patch requests that contain arrays replace the existing array with the one you provide. You cannot modify, add, or delete items in an array in a piecemeal fashion. Python Snippet:

Disabling button after disable_with

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问题 In my Rails app, I use the :disable_with helper on a form button. That form works via ajax. If the object is created successfully, I want to keep that button disabled. So in my create.js.erb file I have: $('#my-button').disabled = true; . However, it doesn't work (works fine in the console though). I suspect its interfering with Rails' JS for the disable_with helper. How can I get around that? 回答1: Use jQuery's .prop() method to set the disabled property of the button. In your case, the code